First of, Napenda Africa Safaris is a local Kenyan tour operator with most of its services operating within Kenya and some along East Africa but with those services comes international standards and values.

  • We have a wide and luxurious range of safari destinations with affordable prices and the best accommodations available with the best and comfortable travel options.
  • Custom and tailor-made safari packages detailed to your specifications.
  • Expertise features detailing from various touring destinations to knowledge of various wild animals to experienced tour drivers and guides.
  • Personalized comfort on our standard 4 X 4 land cruiser jeeps and tour vans.
  • A private guided tour safari with a dedicated tour guide fluent in various international languages.
  • A easy process booking for a tour with us, we will be with you for the entire time you’ll be touring with us.

What we're all About

Napenda Africa Safaris is a tour operator that was started by Antonio Marangabassa, a native from Mozambique . They offer pre-packaged tours to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, but they have the most options in Kenya. This small and intimate company aims to share their love of Africa with their customers by giving a great safari lead by experienced and enthusiastic experts. They offer volunteering opportunities as well.

When Do You Plan on Going on Safari With Us?

Browse through some of our East Africa Safari packages ranging from our most famous Road safaris to our Beach safaris. We offer a wealth of wildlife and natural experiences throughout Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Whether you’re looking to tour with these packaged offers or we could also custom-tailor make for you a package with reference to your liking and availability of travel and we will factor in our level of expertise to give you the best, safest and affordable package. We’re here to ensure your 2021/2022 safari tour package is your dream vacation package



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